Vumoz is a song title. The drum recording is being planned for several triplet transitions being featured, but with 4 and 5 domains being used for contrast with the 3 domain.

Plans for Vumoz based on 1e.mp3 , the existing recording at

16th note intro
5th notes for The Five Wash
16ths and cymbal
3 drum roll
4 drum roll
3 drum roll
6 drum roll accenting floor tom and basses
bass drum triplets and 16ths swapped
tympani slow down
rumble to project any nervous speed into the feet
single stroke rolls swapped from bass to snare using crescendos

This Vumoz song uses The Five Wash, as shown on this link. This new syncopated beat uses the five domain and four domain at the same time. This is used in Vumoz when the bass drums play four thuds per beat while the hands play five per beat.

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