Uncounted Roll

These videos show my fastest rolls, without structured measures. The first one was recorded on July 13, 2012. The drums have no mutes.

The next video has mutes made from cloth strips. July 1, 2012 :

The speed is about 18 beats per second, plus or minus 4 bps. It was a rough estimate. If you have audio waveform software and you use it to measure the speed, please send the correct speed value to Alan Folmsbee's email venusglobe@cabanova.com

The camera I used was overloaded by the loud "music", so next time I will film outdoors from a distance using a zoom lens. Then I can play as loud as I want to be.

There is some unevenness in the rolls, both for the volume of left and right and for the timing. A new video will be prepared that has a more even volume and equal times for left and right notes.

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